Three years of Modi govt: Here's why he is as good a finisher as MS Dhoni

Three years ago when Narendra Modi took over he inherited a baggage of issues that were contentious in nature but needed to be resolved. But given the strong political differences among all opposition parties at that time one would not have imagined that the Prime Minister would succeed in executing the tasks.

India retains world's highest FDI recipient crown: Report

India has remained ahead of China and the US as far as FDI inflows were concerned in the last year, said the fDi Report 2017 compiled by fDi Intelligence, a division of The Financial Times Ltd.

Coal India wins tax-cut boost as environmentalists fret

The world's third-largest greenhouse gas emitting country said last Friday it would lower the duty on domestic coal from July 1 and impose a new 18 percent tax on solar cells and modules as part of a broader tax overhaul.

Here's how GST would affect your air travel, eating out, movie tickets

In India, the income tax payers are a small proportion of the total population but indirect taxes are paid by nearly everyone on a daily basis. From buying milk to taking a taxi ride to shopping and eating at a restaurant, the government currently charges taxes either in the form VAT or service tax.

'Petrol prices could go as low as Rs 30 in future'

According to futurist Tony Seba, technological advancements will lessen our dependency on petroleum products to fuel vehicles, bringing down the demand for the same.

Fri May 26 09:04:03 IST 2017

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Some Hits and a Few Misses

The Modi government has taken several measures to lift growth. Indeed, nearly two-thirds of the respondents believe that the government has been successful in ensuring development, growth and reforms; a fifth believe that Modi and his team fell short on these parameters.

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