Five stocks that earned up to 16,000 percent returns in 10 years

But the story becomes more interesting. Compared to the benchmark indexes, some stocks earned astonishing returns for their investors in the last 10 years.

Vijay Mallya's Twitter account 'hacked'

A series of tweets appeared on Mallya's Twitter account on Friday morning with the passwords of his various bank accounts.

Modi's demonetisation decision based on false notion of black money, says Manmohan Singh

The former Prime Minister explained that how the decision will hurt the Indians who earn their wages in cash, while the black money hoarders will get away with a "mere rap on the knuckles".

'If it fails, then I am to blame,' PM Modi reportedly told cabinet on demonetisation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi handpicked a trusted bureaucrat, little known outside India's financial circles, to spearhead a radical move to abolish 86 percent of the country's cash overnight and take aim at the huge shadow economy.

Chennai raid: I-T dept found Rs 106 crore cash, 127kg gold. Rs 10 cr in new notes!

The Income Tax department has seized at least Rs 106 crore in cash, including Rs 10 crore in new currency, and gold bars weighing 127 kg in searches at multiple locations in the city to check tax evasion post demonetization.

Fri Dec 09 14:56:04 IST 2016

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The Demonetisation Puzzle

India is heavily dependent on cash for its daily transactions. The Modi government's demonetisation drive could impact the Indian economy