In pics: India before and after liberalisation

Lets take a walk down memory lane with some of the most popular consumer brands in India prior to the 1991 liberalisation.

IMF flags decelerating pace of reforms in India

IMF has warned that headwinds from weaknesses in the country's corporate and bank balance sheets, decelerating pace of reforms and sluggish exports may weigh on its economic growth.

NSEL: Govt to set up special court to hear all cases

Government on Sunday decided to set up a special court to hear all NSEL related cases on a priority basis while also asked the Enforcement Directorate to expedite action to recover Rs 3,721 crore from defaulters.

Fortune500 Indian firms prove their mantle! Offered up to 300% in five years

Data compiled by database AceEquity suggested five of these stocks managed to offer a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in excess of 9.5 per cent, higher than prevailing 5-year fixed deposit rates.

WTO report reveals why India is the bright spot in gloomy world economy

Ever wondered why India is often called as one of the bright spots in an otherwise gloomy global economy? The recently published "World Trade Statistical Review" of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) could provide some clue.

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