Nokia still India's most trusted brand: Report

Shamni Pande        Last Updated: February 1, 2013  | 14:14 IST

Nokia, Samsung and Sony have retained their respective positions as the most trusted brands in the country, according to the Brand Trust Report, India Study (BTR 2013). However, the most impressive stride was made by BMW, which climbed 20 slots to the fourth position. Tata, at No. 5, has dropped two places from last year, while Godrej, at No. 6 has gained five positions.

India's Top 20 Most Trusted Brands
1. Nokia
2. Samsung
3. Sony
4. BMW
5. Tata
6. Godrej
7. Reliance
8. Bajaj
9. Airtel
10. LG
11. Honda
12. Apple
13. Dell
14. Audi
15. Lux
16. Nike
17. LIC
18. Olay
19. Dove
20. Hewlett Packard
This is the third edition of BTR 2013 and it has grown this year, crunching many more numbers in the process. "We have listed 1,100 brands out of 19,000 unique brands that emerged from 13,000 hours of research involving three million data points," says N. Chandramouli, CEO, Trust Research Advisory . Last year, the report had listed 1,000 brands.

The study is significant, according to Chandramouli, as it seeks to nail the core issue of 'trust' that actually makes any product a brand. Trust Research Advisory, the company that is behind the research, and the publisher of the report, has factored in both the tangible and intangible attributes that map brand behaviour. This year, the study reached out to 2,505 respondents across 16 cities.

Apart from national ranks, the study has also provided region-wise and category-wise performances of brands. This year, there were 211 categories.

It is interesting to note that the Tata Nano leads among hatchbacks followed by the Chevrolet Spark. Among sedans, it is Honda City, followed by Toyota Etios. Among aerated soft drinks, Coca-Cola leads, followed by Pepsi and Thums Up. IndiGo Airlines is the most trusted airline brand while Airtel is the most trusted telecom brand. DLF is the most trusted player in the construction category.

Anna Hazare is the most trusted personality - perhaps there is no surprise there. He is followed by Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. But it is interesting that Dhirubhai Ambani remains strong in public memory and ranks seventh, ahead of his son Mukesh Ambani in the 11th spot. Another interesting titbit - Vijay Mallya is ranked nine, just above Shah Rukh Khan.

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