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Driver crashes $262,000 Ferrari Scuderia within 'one hour' after picking it up

The driver who walked away with just cuts and bruises had bought the Italian supercar an hour before the accident.

Global Times reminded India as to how it had underestimated Beijing in 1962 and cautioned not to repeat the 'same mistake'. 
China's economy grew 6.9 percent in the second quarter from a year earlier, faster than expected and in line with the first quarter's growth.
In its 41st session on July 12, the World Heritage Committee inscribed 21 new sites in its UNESCO world heritage list which features the Indian city of Ahmedabad.
US President Donald Trump has said that the American beef has hit the Chinese market after a gap of 14 years, crediting this to his trade deals with China.
A Pakistan-born former IT aide of a top Democratic lawmaker has been arrested while trying to leave the US by the FBI on charges of bank fraud, officials have said.
Pakistan-based Haqqani network is blamed for a number of high-profile attacks on US and Western interests in war-torn Afghanistan.
India's nuclear strategy, which has traditionally focused on Pakistan, now appears to place increased emphasis on China, experts claimed.
Warren Buffett, world's second richest billionaire with a net worth of $75.6 billion, paid just $7  in his first ever tax return in 1944.