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Caution! Slowdown Ahead

New investment proposals by India Inc. have fallen to the second-lowest in a decade. Apart from services and irrigation, all major segments have slowed. Here's what the numbers tell us


Decisive and swift action in the form of systemic reforms is needed to deal not only with the stock of existing NPAs but also to arrest their creation

More and more brands are investing in command centres for social media solutions

As more and more residential properties remain unsold, companies and PE players may have to rethink strategy.

Global sovereign funds and private equity players are showing immense interest in India's commercial real estate segment.

How to get the young generation to buy jewellery is the million dollar question that the industry is grappling with

From high-end hybrids to affordable utility slates, here's a list to help you choose what best serves your purpose.

Rothschild & Co. has been in India since the mid-90s, actively participating in the nation's growth story.

10 lakh Is the rise in the number of shops accepting card payments since demonetisation on November 8, 2016.

India's first algorithm-based fintech research platform is providing investors relevant tools to make informed investment choices in the stock market.

How the new policy will impact buyers, developers and the overall economy

The real estate industry has been under pressure. Commercial and affordable housing are the only silver linings. We look at what to expect in the coming months.

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