With Q5, affordability is the key

Does BlackBerry pack enough power in the Q5 to woo the mid-segment Android fans?
 Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: September 2013
With Q5, affordability is the key

BlackBerry Q5
Price: Rs 24,990
Specs: 3.1 inch display; 5 MP camera; 1.2GHz dual core processor; 2GB RA M; 8GB internal storage, 32 GB expandable; BlackBerry OS 10; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G; 120 grams; 2180 mAh battery

After its two big ticket launches on the new BB 10, BlackBerry has finally launched the Q5, an affordable phone using the new operating system. But does it pack enough power to woo the mid-segment Android fans?

Hardware & Software
We were not really impressed with the design of the BlackBerry Z10 or the Q10. The Q5 is not different and looks a lot like the Q10 with a 3.1-inch touch display and QWERTY keyboard minus navigation and call controls. The rear is made of smooth plastic that gives it a good grip as long as you don't have sweaty or wet hands. As you can't open the rear of this phone, the micro SIM and memory card slots have been moved to the side under a flimsy flap. The Q5 is a downscaled version of the Z10 and Q10 and hence run the same BB10 OS with its superb 'peek' and 'flow' interface. These gestures make accessing all notifications in the Hub easy.

All keys are well spaced out making it convenient to type on. However, we really missed the navigation pad as while moving within an app I often ended minimising it on the screen.

The 5MP rear camera onboard has auto-focus but takes time to lock on subjects. The quality of the images captured in proper light were about average and we thought the colours were oversaturated. For instance, the clouds we captured appeared blue instead of white. When zoomed in, there was a noticeable noise.

The Q5 packs in a 1.2Ghz dual core processor with 2GB RAM. Slightly lower specs than the Q10 , but the performance was snappy even while watching videos or browsing the web. BlackBerry is a master with multi-tasking, as there wasn't any lag with over six apps running in the background. Hidden beneath the non-removable back panel is a 2180 mAh battery that was just about average. A full charge managed to last a day. Thankfully, even with the battery low indication, it managed to run for a couple of hours before dying.

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