Complex Times

Nandagopal Rajan        Print Edition: January 2013

GW-A1000 Price: Rs 29,995
Rating: 4/5

The Casio GW-A1000 looks like a very busy watch with a handful of push buttons and dials. If it looks intimidating, it is. For the watch is impossible to operate if you haven't read the manuals thoroughly. And there is quite a lot to go through, for this watch can do a fair bit, especially for an analogue watch.

The build quality is excellent, with highgrade plastic strap and body of toughened metal. And despite being a rugged GShock model, it doesn't feel heavy on the wrist. Being solar powered watch, there is no need for batteries.

Well, you are not spending a packet just to know what time it is. This watch can tell the temperature too, though in Fahrenheits. Also, remember that body temperature can skew the readings, which are shown as combination of the minute and second needles. A smaller ring on top shows the 24-hour time, while another one below shows the day. The fly-back function allows the watch to shift modes instantaneously. It isn't called a pilot's watch for nothing-it can show the time in many other cities too. Press the push button on the left, pull the crown out and turn it to select the city of your choice. This is quite easy, though you have to wait a few seconds for the watch to go from one time zone to the other. You can use the mode to activate a stopwatch too, once again a fairly complicated process.

While the watch has luminescent dials which work in dark conditions, it does not have any illumination that would have added to the ease of use. In the digital era, this watch is perhaps for the purists.

If you have the patience, this watch has the time.

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