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Future Perfect

Cutting down on expenses, planning for contingency and investing for future goals are the way to go for Harish Chandra and his family, says Chief Financial Planner - Pankaaj Maalde


"As stock markets are surging largely due to an economic rebound, financial assets are becoming more attractive"

"Investors should focus on the best outcomes as the economy is set to turn around"

"In the near term, it is likely that rates and bond yields will remain low"

"There are a lot of factors that will help predict the likely price trajectory of gold in 2017. Here's the lowdown"

"Customers will benefit from higher-quality offerings in under-penetrated product segments like long-term savings and annuities"

Earnings recovery is still uncertain, but good investment opportunities can always be found in buoyant markets

You need a financial plan to secure your future. Our experts show you how you can go about it.

"It is impossible to predict markets but foundation has been laid for strong corporate profitability"

"There might be liquidity concerns in the near term, but the long-term outlook for realty is positive"

"Insurers are trying to reduce the gap between the medical spends in the country and what is covered under health insurance"

While valuations appear stretched in some stocks and sectors, investors should have a longer time horizon.