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How large-cap mutual funds withstood the crash

Even as bluechips after bluechips fell by the wayside, wrapped by worries over a host of issues such as the slowdown in China at a rate higher-than-expected and uncertainties over the position of the US Federal Reserve on interest rates, these large-cap funds withstood one of the steepest crashes in India's equity markets' history.

The last financial year was characterised by a sharp surge in the stock market, up 25 per cent, which led to superior performance by equity-oriented funds.
According to Sebi data on investor accounts with 44 fund houses, the number of equity folios jumped to 32,858,830 last month from 31,691,619 at March-end.
Domestic net inflows into equity mutual funds in June were the second-highest ever - second only to January 2008.
HDFC Mutual Fund, which had 5.07 per cent stake earlier, brought down its shareholding in the company to 3.06 per cent, P&G said in a filing to the BSE.
The facility will enable traders, especially small investors, to invest even for a single night in liquid funds.
Industry insiders believe that MFs would continue to attract medium-to-long term money into equities even as the markets have turned volatile in the past few weeks.
In comparison, equity fund managers deployment in software stocks stood at Rs 27,596 crore in July last year.

Investors should consider dividend plans of equity mutual funds if they need money at periodic intervals.

However, the company in a statement said there is no compulsion on its employees to invest in its mutual funds and that it is a voluntary decision.
Depending on the nature and aim of investment, as well as the disposition of the investor, balanced funds can come in different shades in between the two extremes.
This follows a fund infusion of nearly Rs 6 lakh crore in debt market in the last financial year.