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Money Today thought the current market swings are a good time to revisit the basics of mutual fund investing, lessons that have stood their followers in good stead over any number of market ups and downs.

In a move to enable small town investors to invest in mutual funds, Sebi had in 2012 allowed mutual funds to accept investments up to Rs 20,000 in cash.
This was the highest net inflow by investors in such schemes in a single month since April 2011, when investors had put in a whopping Rs 1.84 lakh crore.
Money Today in its 2014 listing of India's best mutual funds gives you a tracker of top equity, hybrid and debt funds.
With the big mutual funds on a spending spree and expanding operations aggressively, it is difficult for the smaller funds to survive.
As asset management companies launch funds that invest in just a few stocks, Money Today looks into the merits and demerits of investing in focused funds.
Sebi has asked fund houses to give area-wise break-up of the asset under management on a monthly basis instead of quarterly.