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The Paytm-Paypal dispute

PayPal is an USA based multinational company, whose presence in India is growing more than satisfactorily and rumour has it, that it may acquire a stake in Freecharge, although Freecharge has out rightly denied this.

"ELSS funds come with a lock-in period of just 3 years, the lowest among all Section 80C products"
"You can keep all your insurance policies like health, life, pension or general even from different companies, at the same secure online accoun"
"We as a country are promoting a "cashless" environment and it is inevitable that during the coming years, our economy will move towards this reality"
October brought with it the encouraging news that the Modi government is planning a major overhaul of the country's drug policy.
The current government has undertaken various measures to improve India's ranking in ease of doing business and to attract investments.
"With de-mon damage set to linger longer, it is easy to guess that the consumption will be the first casualty"
All facts and theories that apply to west, might not be the best; India is different and something that applies to West need not be necessarily true for India.