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Here's why every Indian millennial needs a credit card

Having grown up in an era of digital adoption and consumerist culture, millennials often have the luxury of choice and the feeling of instant gratification.

"GST is likely to revolutionize the way India does business, setting it on a path to become one of world's most evolved and business-friendly countries"
"ELSS funds come with a lock-in period of just 3 years, the lowest among all Section 80C products"
"With de-mon damage set to linger longer, it is easy to guess that the consumption will be the first casualty"
"Even if the payment portal has reasonable but inadequate security checks, customers cant hold them liable under the provisions of the IT Act"
Impact of late payment on Credit Bureau Scores
"2017 is sure to be a year marked by less central bank intervention, higher interest rates and increased volatility"
"You can keep all your insurance policies like health, life, pension or general even from different companies, at the same secure online accoun"
"We as a country are promoting a "cashless" environment and it is inevitable that during the coming years, our economy will move towards this reality"