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Delhi Durbar by Anilesh Mahajan
Sorry Mr Manmohan Singh, we were dead in flat three years

Ironically, India requires denometisation because Singh as PM failed to implement the Keynes theory. And neither could he control the side-effects of corruption, nepotism and misuse of public spending.

Railways failed to meet Prabhu's target of last year to collect revenues of Rs 141,416.05 crore and achieved only Rs 136,079.26 crore. How will he match this year?
Investments in oil and gas exploration are crucial for India because they would make it less dependent on foreign oil and give the economy a considerable boost.
The year also saw PM Modi keeping silent on various issues, including on issues where the country's character of tolerance was questioned.
Bihar is one of the poorest states in the country, and needs the Centre's support to click the growth trajectory.
Oil prices are at their lowest in last six years, and there are no signals of price spikes in short term.