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Edition:July 15, 2007
Want to know what's new in the field of technology? Click to find out.
By Rahul Sachitanand
Edition:August 12, 2007
Bhutan, of all places, is wooing Indian BPOs.
Hyderbad, Edition:July 15, 2007
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By Venkatesha Babu & Rahul Sachitanand
Edition:July 15, 2007
IT companies are offering job contracts that bar employees from joining rivals, vendors or partners. Here's how you can steer clear of the tangle.
By Ritwik Mukherjee
Edition:July 15, 2007
Work on Tata Motors' Rs 1-lakh car plant is progressing fast at Singur. And contrary to popular perception, the agitation against it is slowly petering out. Ritwik Mukherjee reports from the spot.
By Rishi Joshi
Edition:July 15, 2007
Attrition levels in Indian industry as a whole are higher than 20 per cent at present.
By Pallavi Srivastava
Edition:July 15, 2007
Video Resume, a facility launched by Monster India allows jobseekers to upload their video clips on the Monster India website.
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