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Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:December 2012
Your satisfaction with your work is far too important to be ignored. Motivation is the cornerstone of satisfaction and it is within reach and success is a common side effect of a motivated worker.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:November 2012
Your boss deserves respect and empathy just as much as the next person. Invest in your relationship with your manager as you would in any other critical professional one, be it with clients, co-workers or subordinates.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:October 2012
In the modern workplace, promotions come after you have already started handling responsibilities a level or more above. If you are not doing so yet, volunteer for the tasks and projects that let you take on some of your boss's burden.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:September 2012
The average age of workers in any Indian company will be in the twenties over the next few years. The drop in the average age of managers at workplaces also brings challenges for all stakeholders.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:August 2012
Understanding what makes for appropriate office conversation can help you in your career.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:July 2012
The sluggish economy and the conservative reaction by firms make for a challenging time. Treat this new environment as a chance to enhance your skills by handling increasingly challenging roles or acquiring new skills.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:June 2012
Being on leave does not relieve you of your responsibilities. Plan well for an uninterrupted break.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:May 2012
Why should you seek additional qualifications? The reasons could range from becoming eligible for a promotion, to changing your line of work or just to pursue an interest.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:April 2012
The benefits can even out the risks of joining a fledgling firm if one makes the right choice.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:March 2012
Knowing when to resign can help you get a better job without hampering goodwill.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:February 2012
Understand which profile suits you through psychometric tests. Map your work values by listing your preferences in descending order or by rating them on a scale on parameters such as creativity, leadership, change, teamwork, social impact, knowledge, respect and so on.
Devashish Chakravarty
Delhi, Edition:January 2012
Negotiating gender bias at workplace is important for the success of every organisation.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:December 2011
Coming back from a career break is not easy. The best strategy would be to plan your re-entry well in advance.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:November 2011
Cracking the culture code at your new workplace is just as important as working hard to make the right impression.
Devashish Chakravarty
Delhi, Edition:October 2011
A difficult boss could ruin the workplace for an employee. Even so, quitting and moving onto another job should be your last option, says Devashish Chakravarty.
Devashish Chakravarty
Delhi, Edition:August 2011
Professional networking is possibly the single most important skill that contributes to your career development, says Devashish Chakravarty.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:July 2011
Equilibrium, as in nature, is a vital state of contentment. Knowing that you have control over the choices you make is important to enjoying your work, says Devashish Chakravarty.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:June 2011
A proper etiquette and attitude at the workplace is important to advance your career. Conveying the wrong message can stall a talented professional, says Devashish Chakravarty.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:May 2011
Communication at the workplace is imperative to career advancement. Knowing how to say what you want to say could open the right doors for you, says Devashish Chakravarty.
Devashish Chakravarty
Edition:April 2011
If you are being poached, ensure that the differences in resources and leadership will not hamper your ability to deliver at the new workplace, says Devashish Chakravarty.
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