Auto Expo 2012: Suzuki launches 125cc scooter Swish, 110cc motorcycle Hayate

 Sunny Sen        Last Updated: January 9, 2012  | 19:13 IST

It will be a no brainer to say that at the Auto Expo Suzuki Motorcyles launched two-wheelers. But, interestingly, unlike its more prevalent models in the west, it launched a 125cc Scooter, the Swish and 110cc motorcycle, the Hayate at Auto Expo 2012.

The 100-125cc category is more than 70 per cent of the Indian motorcycle market and Suzuki wants to be a strong player in this segment. However, the 150cc plus category is growing at a faster pace and also commands more margins.

Why wouldn't Suzuki come out with one of the heavier and more powerful machines at the Auto Expo 2012? "We do agree that the 150 plus category is growing faster, but this is major market, so we launched these during this Expo," says Atul Gupta, Vice-President, sales and marketing, SMIPL. "But we do not rule out that we will come out with more powerful bikes."

Suzuki having made a mark with bikes like the Hayabusa, coming out with meaner machines will definitely be something that the industry will be watching out for.

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