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The Senate passed the bill by 74-21 votes and now the bill heads for reconciliation with the earlier-passed House cybersecurity bill.

The proponents of the bill said it will help prevent cyber-attacks by facilitating a common awareness in the cyber realm.

The food-fight festival takes place every last Wednesday of August in the town of Bunol near to Valencia in Spain.
Technology giant Google is now focusing to expand usage of its products like 'Maps' and 'Search' in vernacular languages, especially Hindi.
Service operators will now need to unblock most of those sites but will still disable those that promote child pornography.
The government has directed service providers to block access to 857 websites on the grounds of morality and decency.
Some of the banned websites were found to be hosting jokes, memes and other humorous content without any pornography.
The drones are part of a programme called Aquila, which is geared towards the 10 per cent of the population that does not have any Internet access.
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