Competition Commission probe against Google gets extension

 PTI   New Delhi     Last Updated: September 23, 2013  | 00:00 IST
Fair trade probe against Google gets extension
PHOTO: Associated Press

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has given more time to its Director General to complete probe against Google for alleged unfair practices in the Internet search engine market.

In India, the entity accounts for over 90 per cent of the Internet search market.

"The investigation (against Google) is not complete. The DG's office wanted some extensions because they wanted to look at it in detail. We have given them the extension," CCI Chairman Ashok Chawla told PTI. "So, once they (DG) come with their report, then we will take a call," he said.

Following a complaint against Google, which dominates the Internet search space, the Commission had started investigations in August last year. The probe is looking into whether the search engine major abused its dominant position and violated any competition rules.

The Commission refers cases to its investigation arm - Director General - once there is prima facie evidence of violating competition norms.

"As far as I recall, the allegation or the complaint was that their (Google) search engine is such that it is discriminatory and it favours the platforms which Google wants to support. That is when you click on Google under a certain category, you will get the platforms where there is a tendency to put them in a certain order which may not be the fair and non-discriminatory manner. So, what is the software and what is the algorithmic search, (that is) what the investigation team is looking at," Chawla said.

Abuse of dominant market position by enterprises is a violation under Section 4 of the Competition Act, 2002.

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