Bullish on all-in-ones, Lenovo launches 18 new models

Nandagopal Rajan        Last Updated: March 28, 2013  | 13:38 IST

Nandagopal Rajan
Bullish on all-in-ones (AiOs), Lenovo has launched 18 different models spread across six different series and catering to all types of users.

AiOs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer the same performance as a traditional desktop PC, but in a much smaller form factor and at not a serious price difference.

With prices starting as low as Rs 21,990, Lenovo hopes the range will offer the sleek and aesthetic form factor of the AiO to new PC buyers as well as those looking for an upgrade.

Lenovos's new A series will cater to top-end buyers who need performance as well as a style, while the feature-rich B Series and the affordable C series have been designed to bring the form factor to all types of users.

All the devices will feature Windows 8.

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The top end models have 10-finger multi-touch on frameless displays as well as flexible viewing angles (on select models) - the top-of the range A720 can go full-flat if needed. The 27-inch A720 is priced at Rs 1,15,990.

Then there is the OneKey TV feature which turns some of these devices into HD television without even powering on the PC. This feature is expected to make the B series popular among those looking for a complete entertainment solution in their PC.

The C series is an affordable range of AiOs, essentially aimed at those buying their first PCs.

While most the new devices feature 3rd generation Intel Core processors, the entry level C240 will have an 18.5" screen and Intel Celeron Dual core processor, giving it a very pocket friendly price tag of Rs 21,990.

The pricing of the new devices is as follows.

>> Lenovo IdeaCentre A720: Rs 1,15,990 onwards
>> Lenovo IdeaCentre B340: Rs 34,990 onwards
>> Lenovo IdeaCentre B540: Rs 75,990 onwards
>> Lenovo IdeaCentre C440: Rs 43,990 onwards
>> Lenovo IdeaCentre C340: Rs 26,990 onwards
>> Lenovo IdeaCentre C240: Rs 21,990 onwards

With compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of roughly 30 per cent, the AiO market in India is expected to grow to 2,45,000 units in 2013. It was just 1,49,000 units in 2011. The devices also account for about 17 per cent of all desktop sales in the country.

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