NVIDIA announces 'fastest processor' Tegra 4 at CES 2013

 Nidhi Singal   Las Vegas     Last Updated: January 7, 2013  | 18:49 IST

Nidhi Singal
As expected, Nvidia has announced the new Tegra 4 processor at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2013. Designed for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, the Tegra 4 features 72 custom GPU cores, which gives more realistic gaming experiences and higher resolution displays.

Earlier Codenamed  'Wayne', this is the first quad-core processor to feature ARM A15 architecture. The chipmaker also claims that the Tegra 4 renders faster webpage load times - up to 2.6 times faster - and consumes up to 40 per cent lesser battery than Tegra 3.

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According to Phil Carmack, Senior Vice President of Tegra Business, Nvidia: "Tegra 4 provides enormous processing power and efficiency to power smartphones and tablets, gaming devices, auto systems and PCs. Its new capabilities, particularly in the area of computational photography, will help improve a whole range of existing products and lead to the creation of exciting new ones."

The company has also announced Project Shield. Powered by Tegra 4 processor, it can play console-quality games.

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