Apple's iPhone 5S more in demand than iPhone 5C?

 ANI   Washington     Last Updated: November 28, 2013  | 18:29 IST
Apple's iPhone 5S more in demand than iPhone 5C?
PHOTO: Reuters

Apple's supplier is reportedly making a record 5,00,000 iPhone 5S units per day to cater to the demand for the latest hi-tech smartphone with finger scanning technology.

According to a report by Mashable, sources have revealed that the tech giant has requested its supplier, Foxconn, to shift resources away from the cheaper iPhone 5C and increase production for the standard iPhone 5S.

Foxconn now has 600 employees to achieve the daily target.

Apple's earlier marketing focus was on the cheaper iPhone 5C models, however, with lower demand for the phone, it has apparently shifted its resources on the standard iPhone 5S, which was immediately put in back order within a week of launch in September, the report added.

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