Microsoft to end security updates for Windows XP by April 2014

BT Online Bureau   Washington     Last Updated: September 9, 2013  | 16:11 IST
No security updates for Windows XP from 2014
PHOTO: Reuters

Microsoft has announced that it will not be releasing any more security updates for its Windows XP operating system, meaning XP-loyal users are going to face a difficult time in converting their systems to the latest version of Windows 8.

Microsoft has already ended security updates to many of its previous Windows versions like Windows 95, 98 and Vista.

Users familiar with the good-old Windows XP might have to upgrade to a new computer, upgraded software and possibly new accessories like printers and scanners and yet the biggest change would be the switch to the Windows 8 OS which has its own set of complexities to access.

According to a Fox News report, Windows 8 is the only operating system available on new computers and since it is radically different from previous versions, desktop owners will find the system complex to operate which is ideally meant for touch-screen tablets.

The end of security updates to XP would mean that any flaws reported by hackers will not be fixed by the company.

XP has key security features missing, can't support the latest, safest and most web-compatible versions of Internet Explorer and can't take full advantage of the latest hardware advances.

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