Oracle updates Java, experts say bugs remain

BT Online Bureau   New York     Last Updated: January 14, 2013  | 13:03 IST

Oracle Corp on Sunday released an emergency update to its Java software for surfing the Web. According to Reuters, security experts still feel the update fails to protect PCs from attack by hackers intent on committing cyber crimes.

The move comes just days after the US Department of Homeland Security urged PC users to disable the program because of bugs in the software that were being exploited to commit identity theft and other crimes.

Computer security experts believed that hackers had found a flaw in Java's coding that creates an opening for criminal activity and other high-tech mischief.

Java is a widely used technical language that allows computer programmers to write a wide variety of Internet applications and other software programs that can run on just about any computer's operating system.

Oracle bought Java's creator, Sun Microsystems, in 2010.

The software maker had in a statement on Saturday said it was "aware of a flaw in Java software integrated with web browsers".

The glitch is only in the JDK7 version of the software, and it "does not affect Java applications directly installed and running on servers, desktops, laptops and other devices," the company had said.

"A fix will be available shortly," Oracle had said.

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