Will Samsung Galaxy S IV have eye tracking features?

BT Online Bureau        Last Updated: March 7, 2013  | 17:47 IST

Samsung Galaxy S IV created a huge stir in the technology world when photos of the device were leaked.

There was a lot of buzz about the smartphone after a New York Times report had said that Samsung Galaxy S IV will have Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features, which would enable users to scroll through content with their eye movement as against the touch gestures used by current smartphones. 

Later a report on Sammobile website confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone will have a screen which can detect eye activity automatically.

However, the Sammobile report later said the screenshots posted were actually that of an Android device and that incorrect information was provided to them. But it confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will indeed have the eye tracking features.

According to many media reports, Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to be released on March 14 at New York.

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