Twitter adds security measure to logins, introduces two-step verification

BT Online Bureau        Last Updated: May 23, 2013  | 13:56 IST

In an effort to prevent unauthorised logins, Twitter Inc unveiled two-step verification for its users.

The micro blogging site said in a blog post on Wednesday that users will be able to enroll in a login verification programme. For those who sign up, Twitter will send a six-digit code using a text message each time they sign in to Besides their username and password, users will have to enter the code as well to log in.

Twitter users can sign up for two-step verification under their account settings. To do this, Twitter will ask for either a confirmed email address associated with the account or a phone number that's been verified. Even as the two-step verification process adds an extra security layer to Twitter logins, Twitter said users should still take common precautions. That includes selecting complex passwords that are unique to their Twitter account, and not clicking on suspicious email links.

Unlike the other Internet companies, though, Twitter will ask users for a verification code each time they log out and log back in, even if it's from the same computer. The others allow you to bypass that if you are using the same computer regularly. Microsoft began offering two-step verification last month. Facebook and Google have offered them longer.

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