Business Today 20 years anniversary
Business Today

Business Today celebrates its 20th anniversary and looks ahead at the next two decades.

There are frustrations galore at the grassroots, but it is essential to persevere.
Newspapers will not die in India, but TV may face regulation.
With its outstanding record in innovation, India is poised to become a global leader.
Let good schools and colleges expand freely, increase technology use.
India's fragmented, decentralised nature will work to its advantage.
Avenues of transformation can be many, but education is the most effective
The executive, legislature, judiciary and media are all functioning poorly.
The cynics may not realise it, but the tide is turning against corruption.
Research cannot flourish if making money is the primary pursuit.
Entrepreneurs are thriving, but with more support, can do even better.
India has a sound, rule-abiding banking system, but challenges remain.
The next decade will belong to those who expect the best but plan for the worst
Why the number of women CEOs still remains woefully low.