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Biz EOD: Mukesh Ambani didn't save Anil; Google faces antitrust case in India; PM Modi enters 20th year in public office

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M&M courts talent assiduously with some out of the box HR initiatives.
The top pharma companies have a "people first" mantra to nurture and retain talent.
Things have turned around this year and as more Indians fly again, hiring is back. Kingfisher Airlines is ranked first in the hospitality sector.
The company makes it its business to keep the minds of its people sharp.
Respondents were asked to rate the various factors on a scale. These ratings were converted into importance weights (percentage weights summing up to 100 per cent).
Look out for those who slipped this year. They are reenergising their people practices.
The slowdown has ended but core sector PSUs remain favoured recruiters for some of India's best talent.
Employees at these companies rarely have a reason to quit.
Idea ranked third in the telecom sector behind Bharti Airtel and Tata Teleservices.
The differently-abled are the engine of growth at this company.