For a gentleman who yearns for excellence in his ensemble, for someone who believed in crafting an ensemble; Raymond Made to Measure brings you an elite line of premium ensemble that can be personalized to your astute palate.

Once your measurements are chronicled, our craftsman - our proficient Tailor Master starts panning out looks which would meet your eclectic insight. Now the limelight is your suit and your suit alone. From selecting the collar, the cuff, the buttons to the colour; till this moment the suit is all bespoke. As the craft gives way to science, the meticulous machinery takes over. Here on, every detail, every aspect is led by cutting edge technology. The exactness and finish is of utmost importance. The laser trim makes sure not even one thread is out of place, this defines our perfection. Ultimately, you are the inspiration and you play the lead.

Blending classic style with a touch of contemporary, Raymond Made to Measure complements your wardrobe with modernity of today. We illustrate a remarkable journey of an exquisite fabric's metamorphose into a suit. And not just any suit, a suit with your own identity. The future is you.