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Among the various measures government has suggested is banning gold imports for 6 month to a year. Experts say the government should take measures to boost exports as well as raise fuel prices and open up mining of coal and iron ore to attract foreign investment.

Allowing employees the choice of working from home usually - but not always - benefits both the employee and the company.
The IMF now recognizes that capital flows also bring risk, but its new position on capital controls does not go far enough, says Kevin P. Gallagher.
Car market shrinks; Confusion reigns; Petrol cars lose market; Diesel prices rise; Higher excise hobbles SUVs; Hatchbacks hit a wall; and new capacity may lie idle.
In an interview with Business Today's Ajita Shashidhar, actor Salman Khan talks about his vision for the Being Human Foundation. Edited excerpts:
The UPA government will do its best to follow its economic agenda, but it will be naive to expect breakthrough reforms.
The rising stars in the world of endorsements are unable to match the appeal of the old favourites, forcing marketers to look beyond film stars and cricketers.