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Virtual Politicking

Spending by political parties on social media could more than double in the run-up to the 2019 polls.


Creating personas or fictional representations of customers gives clarity to user needs as early as the product blueprinting stage.

The B-school universe in India is very big - there are well over 300 institutes offering MBA degrees or PGDBM. But there is a strict pecking order among them.

With a little help from technology, people can create digital versions of themselves who will always be around.

A holistic wellness store, unique objets d'art, men's couture anda first-ever fragrance make our offerings a festive potpourri.

Odias are very tree-loving people, and Odisha is one of the few states where tree cover has grown more than the national average, says the Odisha CM.
These have been challenging times for my family and me, says Binny Bansal.

Hepatitis B and C are known as silent ailments with no early symptoms, but timely tests can prevent long-term damage.

From media consumption devices to computer alternatives, tablets have come a long way.

Tech addiction tends to get obsessive nowadays, but there are ways to gain control and make technology a true enabler.

Here's the full text of his final letter to the Flipkart employees after his resignation.