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Nandagopal Rajan        Print Edition: July 2012

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The Adobe Creative Suite 6 brings with it tonnes of new features. While the updates span across the 13 modules, Photoshop alone has up to 650 new features. There is so much to CS6, but we take a look at five top changes in Photoshop, the most widely used software in the pack.

We found the filter gallery much more easier to use than the older version. Now, you just have to click icons of the effects that you need to add, instead of opening each sections separately. Adjustments can also be made in the same box for each filter. The graphics engine again works overtime to make the previews much faster

The new interface of Photoshop is minimalist and of a darker tone. This in a way makes you focus more on the actual photographs. The interface can be changed easily from the preferences in Edit. There is even the option of the old lighter grey interface, but we think the new dark tone is much better.

If you have been working on a complex image for long, it is possible that you would have added scores of layers to it. Now you can search these layers using its name, or the kind of layer, even the effect or colour you have given it. A really handy feature for the professionals.


The evolution of the crop tool seems complete. Now you can crop and straighten the image with a single tool and with one action. Thanks to the new Mercury graphics engine, you can also zoom, rotate and scale the image as you crop. Since even free software have had this function for a while, it is good to see Photoshop change with the times.

Automatic correction in more precise now. For instance, you can select lens correction from filters to straighten barrel and pincushion distortions caused by lenses, provided your photo carries the required Exif data. Auto tone, colour and contrast all have better results now has Adobe has munched through millions of photographs to get the recipe right. You can also select Auto from the curves toolbox.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Experts call this is the best Photoshop upgrade in recent times, and we can only agree.

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