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twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: July 2012

Price: Rs 3,999

As you get used to the ease of touch technology on your phone and tablet, the traditional mouse and keyboard might start feeling a bit of a letdown. Logitech thinks it has a solution to this in the form of its m600 touch mouse.

This plug-and-play wireless mouse gives you all the pleasure of touch without any of the features of a traditional mouse. The left right clicks work superbly though there are no separate buttons of the smooth glassy surface. You can really hear the mouse clicking, but feel of the same will give you a kick.

The touch features too are amazing. You can scroll by just moving your fingers vertically, ever so slightly. Move your fingers horizontally and you can swipe through pictures or pages as if you were using a tablet. However, the mouse is a tad bit heavier than the traditional ones. And, yes, it is a bit too burdensome on the wallet.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Superb mouse, but pricey and heavy.

Courtesy:Gadgets and Gizmos


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