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One of the first things you will notice, and be pleasantly surprised about, is the click of this camera's mechanical shutter.

Like other hybrids, this one too is made for regular computing and high-end tasks.
While browsing the web was very easy on the 5-inch display, it was a pleasure watching videos on the big display unlike other low-cost Androids.
Easily the best open world game at the moment
The battery, which can last more than two days with constant web connectivity and calling, is undoubtedly the best feature of this phone.
The highlight of the Lumia 920 is its 8-megapixel camera with the PureView technology and Carl Zeiss lens.
2013 is being called the 'Year of the Phablet'. These large phones, or small tablets, are becoming more affordable and popular by the day.
If Apple thinks it is time for an 'iWatch' it will definitely be time for the world to start buying a wearable smart device.
This is the best of all the in-car Bluetooth speakers we have tested so far and its is worth buying if you spend a lot of time driving.
Smart watches try to be extensions of the smartphone with apps, cameras and even full calling capabilities.