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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: Not just bigger, but better

The latest Apple iPhone lacks a high refresh rate (90Hz or 120Hz as on OnePlus' and Oppo's) but everything felt smooth including heavy graphic games


This reporting of privacy practices is part of the app submission process for all developers, and is applicable on all app developers globally, including Apple

The US tech giant said it's set to roll out the anti-tracking feature next year and warned it could kick apps off its widely used App Store if they don't comply

Netflix StreamFest offer: The free streaming offer, also known as Netflix StreamFest, has begun at 12:01 am today and will last till 11:59 pm on December 6

Apple iPhone 12 mini has a lag-free performance, just like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro (with the iOS 14 was a little more polished)


According to PUBG developers, PUBG Mobile India will feature customised in-game content to reflect "local needs"

FAUG mobile game: The number of pre-registrations of PUBG's rival has crossed the one million-mark and is set to increase in the coming days

There has not been any official information about the launch date of the game or when will the game be available on Apple App Store