Fireside chat on Communities in Web3 with with Scriblooooor and Ankur Vaid

Fireside chat on Communities in Web3 with with Scriblooooor and Ankur Vaid


Why Is Web 3 Heavily Dependent On Communities? Ankur answers by stating the human need to socialise by forming communities. Communities in Web3 is not a new concept as existing Web2 platforms too have communities.  Though In Web 3, economic elements makes it essential to being a part of community.

Scriblooooor adds to this by stating examples of Airbnb and instagram who are active with their host community meet-up and creator’s engagement.  He states that the key difference between the communities in Web3 and Web2 is ownership of asset is with the user and not the platform. To put in simple words, communities in Web3 is equivalent to Amul, a jointly owned co-operative where the owners are the dairy farmers who hires the services like marketing.

How Different Your Life Would Have Been Without Being A Part Of An Active Community In Web 3? For Scriblooooor, the shift to remote work and being a part of community has made him more open to absorbing newer ideas, exploring opportunities and trying new products. The reason for this is that working in Web3 is working on internet and in a community one works with other people while working for self at the same time.

Ankur feels the same. Being a part of community helps him in understanding the crypto space in depth as there is a scope of shared learning and experiences. For the same reason we are witnessing emergence of Global Web3 communities.