Amazon offers employees upto Rs 3 lakh every year to quit as a loyalty test

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Amazon offers employees upto Rs 3 lakh every year to quit as a loyalty test
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That Amazon is spearheading the evolution of the global e-commerce ecosystem is rather well-known. The e-commerce giant's products such as Alexa and Kindle have also helped to make Amazon a household name across the world. On the work front too, people in the know, namely LinkedIn, released a list that said that Amazon was one of the five most-preferred companies in India for employees. From the looks of it, whatever the company does it does wholeheartedly. So, how can it accept any less from its employees?

In order to test their loyalty to the company, Amazon offers upto Rs 3.4 lakh or $5,000 every year to its employees to quit the company. The offer starts at $2,000 or Rs 1.36 lakh for employees who have worked for a year and moves up by $1,000 for every year of employment upto $5,000.

However, unlike what it might seem, Amazon does not want its employees to take up the offer. In fact, the subject of the offer reads 'Please Don't Take This Offer'. 

The programme, called 'Pay to Quit' was first drawn up by e-tailer site Zappos that was eventually acquired by the Jeff Bezos-helmed company in 2009. The program was designed to weed out unmotivated and unhappy employees from the company.

According to the company, if an employee is working at a place they don't want to be in, they are not only harming themselves but the company as well. The offer ensures that with such a sum to pass, only the truly motivated would stay behind. Also, once the offer is accepted the employee can never work for Amazon in the future.

While it might not be the most sure shot way to force employees to quit, it does serve as a pretty solid yardstick to check employees' commitment levels. Moreover, employees who refuse the offer also end up helping to increase the overall performance of the company.



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