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Baba Ramdev says Patanjali's sales will make MNCs do 'kapalbhati'; reports Rs 10,561 cr turnover

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Thursday made announcements related to Patanjali's earnings over the past year during a press briefing in Haridwar.

BT Online        Last Updated: May 5, 2017  | 21:14 IST
Ramdev's Patanjali sees a turnover of Rs 10,561 crore in FY17
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Thursday made announcements related to Patanjali's earnings over the past year during a press briefing in Haridwar, saying that the numbers would make multinational companies fret.

Ramdev provided a detailed information on how the top selling products of the company had fared and said that the turnover of the company was Rs 10, 561 crore in the previous fiscal year. Patanjali plans to double its turnover this year, Ramdev said.

He re-emphasised that Patanjali's main aim was charity and introduced a new business policy of "Prosperity for Charity" for the ayurveda company.

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He also dismissed reports of health hazard related to his company's products and said that there was no problem with Patanjali's items. Defence canteens had recently removed Patanjali's Amla juice after it had failed a lab test.

Here are the important things Ramdev said at the press conference:

  • Planning to launch a plant in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Patanjali's boarding Sainik School will be established around NCR to provide free of cost education to children of martyrs.
  • Patanjali's promoter will never be a businessman, it will always be a Sanyasi
  • Patanjali cow desi ghee turnover is 1467 crore. It has now become a market leader in ghee products in the world
  • Dant Kanti is 940 crore brand. Its market share tooth paste products is at 14 per cent.
  • Kesh Kanti turnover is 825 crore.
  • Kachi Ghani mustard oil turnover is 522 crore.
  • Patanjali Atta is now valued at 700 cr ore.
  • Patanjali Honey's turnover is around 350 crore.
  • We are helping farmers grow aloe vera in barren areas. This has helped them earn a handsome living.
  • Ramdev said Patanjali's sales will make MNCs do 'kapalbhati'
  • In cosmetics, Patanjali has a 15 to 20 per cent market share. The turnover is around 228 crore.
  • Patanjali has 6000 distributors; plan to double it within a year. One lakh people employed at Patanjali. Plan to take it to 5 lakh.
  • Foreign companies are not here to do charity but to earn profits whereas Patanjali's profits will help serve the country. Taking a dig at Coalgate, Baba Ramdev said that it came here with only Rs 20 lakh. Ramdev alleged that some people were spreading misinformation that MNCs are here to invest and bring technology.
  • While speaking about the use of 'gaumutra' in Patanjali products, Ramdev claimed that people have been spreading false information. He said that Patanjali fulfils every FSSAI criteria.
  • Patanjali is a company of more than a billion Indians, Baba Ramdev said.


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