The new buzz words in HR: Gamification, big data analytics and employee experience

Sonal Khetarpal        Last Updated: May 2, 2016  | 20:15 IST

In this era of rapidly evolving technology, HR must rethink about its strategy and processes to meet the requirements of the present day workforce.

Jason Averbook, thought leader and author, in his keynote address "HR Innovation in the Age of Technology" at the SHRM Tech Conference 2016 emphasised that people, process and technology should work in tandem for organisational development. He emphasised on the need to move away from HR technology, which focuses on HR people, to workplace technology, which is technology for the people. The point he was making was the technology currently used in HR serves HR personnel, but it has to be employee friendly, not just HR-friendly.  

He said most of the money spent in HR Tech is spent on one aspect, which is payroll. It is important for companies to have, not one, but a three-year strategy in place for HR that uses technology, story-telling and design thinking.  

On the sidelines of the conference, Averbook raised a concern: "HR has 47 processes but employees don't have to know all of that. In HR, we have got to create that single experience or platform that addresses all the issues and is holistic, user friendly, and personalised."

Another important trend that was raised by the companies was the need to create and define a user experience for the company and the employees, and not just the customers.   

Madhura Dasgupta Sinha, Head, Employee Experience - IDFC Bank, spoke about the changing role of Technology in HR. Dasgupta stressed on the need to treat the employees as the best customers. She said, every experience with the organisation can be divided into the rational part, which is technology driven and the irrational or emotional part on how the organisation makes you feel. "If the employee isn't engaged, they will not be motivated to make your customers feel great too."

For that, the need for user experience through design thinking, gamification and appification needs a leg up. Averbook said companies should create and drive mobile first technology. Another important component is personalisation, the move from a world where everything is cold service to providing a personal experience.

Sameer Khanna, VP & head - HR, Ericsson India highlighted the need to involve employees' families too. In India, we rely a lot on what our parents and siblings tell us. The decision-making is mostly joint. In today's age when work permeates family time, there is a need for families to be a part of the company, too.

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