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Nandan Nilekani gets down to business: Here's what he said in his first Infosys investors call

The Infosys founders pulled off a coup on Thursday with Nandan Nilekani returning to head the company as chairman after R Seshasayee quit the post and co-chair Ravi Venkatesan resigned as vice-chairman.

BT Online | August 25, 2017 | Updated 12:12 IST
Nandan Nilekani gets down to business: Here's what he said in his first Infosys investors call

A day after he was appointed non-executive chairman, former Infosys CEO Nandan Nilekani today addressed company investors and talked at length on various issues Infy was grappling with. From NR Murthy to Panaya deal, Nilekani spoke on several issues that were raised by investors during the call.

When asked whether he would make the Panaya deal internal probe public as suggested by NR Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani said that he would look into the matter. "I am committed to the highest standard of governance," he said.

Nilekani also made it clear that how long he intended to stay, he said: "I have come back with some tasks and as soon as they are achieved, I'll move on." His primary tasks include -apart from upholding corporate governance- finding a suitable CEO and bring back the company on 'super stable high growth path'.      


11:00 am: Aadhaar addresses all privacy concerns, I'm confident that it will stay: Nandan Nilekani

10:55 am: I have a very open mind, I'll look into Vishal Sikka's initiatives and try to integrate them: Nandan Nilekani on whether Infosys will continue with Sikka's policies

10:50 am: I want to put Infosys on a super-stable high growth path: Nandan Nilekani  

10:46 am: I have come not as an CEO but as someone who has support from all stakeholders. My job is to look for a suitable CEO: Nandan Nilekani on his return

10:40 am: No changes in capital allocation policy. No change in share buyback policy: Nandan Nilekani

10:32 am: I need to look into what are the lapses over the next few months. We will bring it to closure to satisfaction of the shareholders: Nandan Nilekani on falling governance

10:28 am: All my life I have been a consensus builder, I'll bring that skill in Infosys: Nandan Nilekani

10:24 am: I'm committed to highest standard of corporate governance: Nandan Nilekani on making Panaya deal report public.

10:18 am: Iwill be here (at Infosys) as long as I am needed, if I am not needed I will quit: Nandan Nilekani  

10:15 am: I am a big beliver in corporate governance: Nandan Nilekani

10:12 am: I greatly value Mr Murthy's contribution in Infosys and I will ensure Murthy has healthy relationship with the company: Nandan Nilekani

10:10 am: Mr Murthy is the father of corporate governance in India: Nandan Nilekani

10:08 am: My job is to oversight the governance issue at Infosys: Nandan Nilekani

10:05 am: I am here to talk about future of the Infosys and how to take the company forward: Nandan Nilekani

Earlier on Thursday, Nandan Nilekani returned to head the company as chairman and R Seshasayee quit the post and co-chair Ravi Venkatesan resigned as vice-chairman. The ouster of Vishal Sikka, who resigned from the CEO's post on Friday, was completed with his resignation from the board yesterday (Thursday).

Venkatesan will however, continue to be an Independent Director on the board while Jeffery S Lehman and John Etchemendy have also quit the Infosys board with immediate effect. UB Pravin Rao, who was appointed as interim CEO after Vishal Sikka's resignation, will continue and the Infosys Board will also continue with its earlier stated plan to identify a permanent CEO and MD.



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