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'More resilient, reinvented, reconstructed than ever': Rishad Premji thanks Wipro employees in letter

Calling 2020 the toughest of years, Rishad Premji in his letter thanked his employees for tackling all the challenges head-on

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | January 19, 2021 | Updated 13:48 IST
‘More resilient, reinvented, reconstructed than ever’: Rishad Premji thanks Wipro employees in letter
Rishad Premji thanks Wipro employees

Rishad Premji, Chairman of Wipro, has written a letter to his employees thanking them for their contribution and dedication towards the company. He said that they are more resilient, reinvented and reconstructed than ever at the start of this new year. Premji said that their actions in 2020 have demonstrated that they are worthy custodians of the company's proud legacy.

Calling 2020 the toughest of years, Premji thanked his employees for tackling all the challenges head-on. "So, in this (2020) toughest of tough years, I want to thank you. Profoundly. You have done everything and more, both professionally and personally - to tackle all challenges head-on. We stand here at the beginning of a new year - more resilient than ever before, reinvented and reconstructed for a changed world, and, with greater energy and confidence than ever before. All of this because of your dedication, ingenuity, and tenacity," he said.

Premji said that Wipro was founded on December 29, 1945 -- another tumultuous year and a period of transformation and upheaval. He said that was the end of World War II and Wipro had just started as a tiny vegetable oil making company. "This journey of success, transformation, and resilience has been powered by fundamentally two intertwined things. The spirit of thousands and thousands of Wiproites like you, and, an unflinching commitment to our values - the Spirit of Wipro," he said.

The Wipro Chairman wrote, "Our actions in 2020 have demonstrated clearly that we are worthy custodians of this proud legacy. 'Custodians', because we have to nurture and build on what we have, and then hand it over to another generation of Wiproites. Such that when Wipro is 150 years old, someone will write similar words, with even more pride."

Rishad Premji concluded the letter by saying that the company's commitment to its values continues to be the most important enabler of the efforts and that they together will make Wipro soar to new heights.

Talking about the legacy of Wipro, Premji had recently shared two images of his grandparents Gulbanoo and MH Premji. "My grandparents Gulbanoo & MH Premji. She a Dr. who helped found a childrens' hospital, he founded Western India Vegetable Prdts, later Wipro. They were a special couple, devoted to progressive causes. I didn't know him at all but I still miss her," he said on Wipro's completion of 75 years.

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