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Amul sends legal notice to Google India for displaying fake and fraudulent websites

Amul alleged that the Google Ads platform is allowing such miscreants to use its paid promotion services repeatedly without any background checks and in the process earning revenues from the click-based advertising on their page.

The GRM fell for the straight fifth quarter to $8.8 a barrel; rise of Petchem offsets the refining crisis
"The brand is now very strong, and it will now leverage the strength of the overall group. I feel good about it," Ananth Narayana told Business Today.
The plants are to be set up at four locations in Telangana - Ramagundam (50 MW), Yellandu (39 MW), Manuguru (30 MW) and Pegadapally (10 MW), on EPC basis.
Net profit rose to Rs 1,444 crore for the quarter ended December 2018 compared with Rs 1,326 crore a year earlier.

Unlike earlier investments in the news business, this latest round is distinguished by how it is not tied to Facebook-related products.
The 'M' series, which will be launched on January 28, will be priced aggressively starting just under Rs 10,000 and going up to Rs 20,000.
According to media reports, Narayanan is in discussions with Star TV-owned video streaming app Hotstar for the CEO's position.