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How to give gift this Diwali without going broke

While most households assign a separate budget for gift-shopping, they end up overshooting it in the festive fervour

Priya Kapoor | October 10, 2017 | Updated 16:07 IST
How to give gift this Diwali without going broke

With Diwali just a few days away, we don't blame you if gift-shopping for your friends and family rules your mind. After all, any festivity does not get complete without the art of gifting. While most households assign a separate budget for gift-shopping, they end up overshooting it in the festive fervour. The bitter reality dawns upon when the festivies end and the bills are glossed over. Here are some financially effective strategies to avoid this post-Diwali shock and to get most bang for your buck.

Get creative: We all have creative instincts and festivals are the perfect time to bring them out. Not only it's an excellent way to save money, but is something that will win you accolades from friends and family alike. Home decor items such as candles, toran, decorated diyas are easier to make at home besides being very cost-effective. Wonderful products can be made by recycling old stuff. If you are short of ideas, you can log on to websites like Pinterest and win over every one this Diwali.

Show your culinary skills: While there are no dearth of exotic chocolates and mithais and pricey dry fruits in the market, you can give competition to them by preparing sweets with your magical hands this time. Preparation of Coconut ladoos, Milk Pedas, Kesar Peda, Chocolate burfi is not very time-consuming. You can download their recpies online. The good news is that they can easily be packed and gifted.
Gift a plant: You might think what a plant has to do with Diwali. But we tell you it is the best option for anything to cherish when he/she see pollution reaching its peak post-Diwali. Besides air-purifying plants, you can also go for Bonsai, succulents and plants with medicinal properties like Aloevera, Tulsi, Marigold, Neem etc. A plant can cost you between Rs 50-Rs 200 through any local nursery. Even if you have to gift to 10 friends, it will set you back by only up to Rs 2000.

Buy in bulk: We all know the benefits of buying in volumes. The retailers offers hefty discount on bulk purchases. However, this strategy works if you tune yourself that you need not give a unique gift to everyone on your list. Decide on a thoughtful present and order a large quantity of the same. It will ultimately end you in saving money.

Give memories: In the era of smartphones, everyone is a photographer and has lots of pictures of near and dear ones. One of the inexpensive ways gifts can be pics framed in a inexpensive yet good looking photo frame.  

Look for online steals: E-tailers come out with lots of discounts and offers ahead of festivities like Diwali. You can start your Diwali-gift shopping from there provided you do not fall into the trap. By resisting purchasing on credit card, when offers are  also made on debit cards, you can save a ton on purchasing your favourite gifts for friends and families.

Happy gifting!



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