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Aadhaar linking must for post office deposits, PPF; 5 Deadlines not to be missed

After bank, mobile, Aadhaar is now mandatory for post office schemes, PPF, NSC, KVP.

BT Online   Delhi     Last Updated: October 6, 2017  | 20:15 IST
Aadhaar linking must for post office deposits, PPF; 5 Deadlines not to be missed

The government is pushing 12-digit Aadhaar aggressively.The latest in line is the various post office schemes like PPF, NSC, KVP. So far Aadhaar declaration is  necessary for banks, mobile and to avail numerous social security schemes like pension, scholarship and LPG connection. Driving license is another document on the radar of the government's ambitious push to link Aadhaar with essential services in order to plug leakages and gaps that exist within the system.

But what if you have not linked your Aadhaar with these documents? Take heart. There is still time. But you must know deadlines to avoid facing consequences.

Deadline: Dec 31, 2017

If you have been banking on your post office deposits like PPF, make sure you link your 12-digit Aadhaar with it soon. Even other investments like NSC and KVP require Aadhaar verification. "Existing depositors who have not provided Aadhaar number at the time of application for such deposit "shall submit his Aadhaar number to the post office savings bank or deposit office concerned, on or before December 31, 2017," said government notification. In case Aadhaar is not generated, one need to provide the proof of application for enrolment into Aadhaar.

Deadline: Dec 31, 2017
Linking Aadhaar-PAN is mandatory for processing of income tax returns (ITRs) for assessment year 2017-18. While earlier the deadline was August 31, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) extended the last date to December 31, 2017 for easy compliance by taxpayers. You can link the PAN to Aadhaar by login to the income tax filing website by entering PAN (User ID), password and your date of birth. Now click on 'Profile Settings' tab and select the last option 'Link Aadhaar'. You are required to enter details like name, date of birth and gender as per PAN records and also your Aadhaar number. Enter the captcha code and submit.

Mobile SIM: Deadline: February 2018

If you have obtained your phone SIM card a year or a two back, it is unlikely to have been Aadhaar-verified. You can link your Aadhaar with your SIM card by walking into the retail outlet of your telecom operator along with Aadhaar document and link the two by February next year. Failure to do so may see your SIM card getting deactivated by the operator. Here's how you can link it.

Go to your telecom operator shop with Aadhaar Card
Ask them to link Aadhaar number with mobile number by filling up a re-verification form.
The operator will send a verification code on the number which you're going to verify.
Provide the verification code to the operator
Also, give your bio-metric expressions
You'll receive a confirmation message, simply type Y and send it to them
In next 24 hours the verification process will be completed

Bank account/Mutual Funds:

Deadline: Dec 31, 2017

After Dec 31, 2017, your bank account will cease to be operational if it's not linked with Aadhaar. Also the government won't open any account which doesn't fulfill  Aadhaar-based Know Your Customer(KYC) process. The same is needed for investing in a mutual fund. With an Aadhaar-based KYC, you don't need to provide your Id , Address proof and relieves you of in-person verification too. This too needs to be linked till the end of this year. If your bank account is not linked with Aadhaar, you can link Aadhaar with your bank account in various ways.To link it through net banking, you have to follow the following process;

Click on the link that says "Aadhaar Seeding Option"

Enter your Adhaar number. You will get a screen with a transaction number and the number of days required to complete it. When it is done, you get an alert from your bank saying it is complete.

You can also link Aadhaar throug SMS by sending UID (Space) Aadhaar number (Space) to the bank via SMS. When it gets linked, you will get an SMS alert about it.

Another way is to visit branch. Give a photocopy of your Aadhaar card to the bank representative. After necessary verification, the account will be linked and customer would be informed via SMS.

Social security Schemes:
Deadline: Dec 31, 2017

In order to correctly identify various beneficiaries of its social security schemes, government moved ahead with making Aadhaar declaration mandatory for welfare schemes like pension, scholarships etc. Lately, the government extended the September 30 deadline by three months.

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