Aadhaar-Mobile linking: Telecom department denies final decision; says matter with SC

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: November 8, 2017  | 12:58 IST
Aadhaar-Mobile linking: Telecom department denies final decision; says matter with SC

While mobile operators have been consistently sending out messages to the customers for linking their mobile with Aadhaar, the government on Tuesday clarified that there has been no final decision on linking an individual's mobile number with 12-digit Aadhaar. "The case is still pending with the Supreme Court and will be heard on November 13," said Aruna Sundararajan, telecom secretary. Adding to this Communications Minister said that there will be no deactivation over Aadhaar linkage issue.

After operators were given a directive by the Department of Telecommunication (DOT) in February this year to re-verify existing subscriber base using Aadhaar cards till February 2018, the latter have been sending out numerous messages to complete the 'mammoth' size task of re-verifying their subscriber base

However, DoT is reportedly trying to make the re-verification process using Aadhaar cards simpler for subscribers including an option of re-verification from home.

In October, Sundararajan had said that by December 1 people would be clear on what options they have for linking their Aadhaar with mobile numbers.

Meanwhile, the Madras High Court did a complete volte-face on  furnishing of Aadhaar in the IT return and dismissed a plea seeking exemption from mentioning Aadhaar number by Thiagarajan Kumararaja. Last week it allowed  Preethi Mohan to file her I-T returns without mentioning it.

Petitioner Thiagarajan Kumararaja had sought a direction for permitting him to file his I-T returns for the assessment year 2017-18 either manually or through the appropriate e-filing filing facility without insisting on quoting the Aadhaar number. 

The plea was moved primarily relying on an interim order granted by the same judge on October 31, permitting petitioner Preethi Mohan to file her I-T returns either manually or through e-filing without mentioning Aadhaar number.

Apart frin this Kumararaja also relied upon the decision of the Supreme Court in Binoy Viswam vs the Union of India case.


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