CIC reprimands Finance Ministry for not providing info on Vijay Mallya's loans in RTI reply   New Delhi     Last Updated: February 7, 2018  | 17:38 IST
CIC reprimands Finance Ministry for not providing info on Vijay Mallya's loans in RTI reply
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Ministry of Finance told the Central Information Centre (CIC) that it does not have information on Vijay Mallya's loans from different banks, following which it was rebuked by the CIC. The CIC that handles complaints regarding Right to Information cases told that ministry that this response was "vague and not sustainable as per law".

It all began when one Rajiv Kumar Khare filed an RTI seeking details of Mallya's loans. As he did not receive a proper response, Khare appealed to the CIC.

Khare revealed that the finance ministry told him that information about Mallya's loans were exempted under RTI Act clauses related to personal safety and prejudicial effect on the economic interest of the State. The ministry official mentioned that Khare might, however, be able to find the same information from the banks.

Chief Information Commissioner RK Mathur said, "The respondent (the finance ministry official) further stated that the said information was not available with the ministry. He stated that the information sought by the appellant might be available with the banks concerned or Reserve Bank of India," as mentioned in a Times of India report.
The same ministry had, however, answered questions about Mallya's loans in the Parliament in the past. Union Minister of State for Finance Santosh Gangwar responded to a query on Mallya's loans in March 2017 and stated that a loan was given to him in September 2004, which was reviewed in February, 2008. He also added that the Rs 8,040 crore loan was declared as a non-performing asset (NPA) in 2009.

The Chief Information Commissioner asked the ministry to transform Khare's application to the public authority that has that information.


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