This Indian whisky ranks No. 2 in the world

Mail Today Bureau        Last Updated: July 14, 2017  | 11:36 IST
This Indian whisky ranks No. 2 in the world

There was never any doubt that Indians have a hearty appetite for alcohol, but the latest IWSR Top 100, the most anticipated industry ranking of alcoholic beverages around the world, has set any debate on the issue to rest.

Officer's Choice, a whisky launched in 1988 by Allied Blenders Distillers, is the world's No. 2 alcoholic beverage brand at 32.3 million nine-litre cases.

Of course, it dwarfs in comparison with the Korean soju brand, Jinro, which at 65 million cases, or 2 per cent of the world's alcohol consumption, is, to quote the IWSR Top 100 media release, "more than the total of the spirits markets of the UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Italy or travel retail, to name a handful."

The first ten brands of the IWSR Top 100 include two other Indian labels - McDowell's (Diageo; 25.6 million cases; No. 6) and Imperial Blue (Pernod Ricard; 18 million cases; No. 10).

Notice how the old market leader, the hallowed rum brand Old Monk is nowhere, having fallen to No. 75 from No. 70 between 2015 and 2016. None of the international brands we know are anywhere in the first ten: Johnnie Walker (No. 11), Bacardi (No. 12) and Jack Daniel (No. 16) are the prestige labels that come closest to No. 10, and they are in the company of the Indian middle order of Royal Stag, McDowell's No. 1 and Old Tavern.

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