PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat: Climate change, sports, plastic pollution find mention

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PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat: Climate change, sports, plastic pollution find mention

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed forty-fourth episode of monthly radio programme- Mann Ki Baat. In his address, which lasted nearly half-an-hour, the Prime Minister talked about environment, climate change and benefits of traditional sports in life. He began his talk by congratulating the team of six women commanders who circumnavigated the globe for more than 250 days on board the INSV Tarini. The Prime Minister also appreciated those who scaled Mount Everest earlier this year.

Speaking on the games, PM Modi said that traditional sports enhance our logical thinking, concentration, alertness and energy levels. "Games are not just games. They teach us values in life, such as, setting targets, building up determination, developing team spirit and fostering mutual co-operation," the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi also expressed his surprise at the success of 'Fit India' campaign launched a couple of months ago. He said that '...I did not think it would draw such a good response; that a large number of people would come forward to support it. When I say 'Fit India', I believe that the more we play, the more we will inspire the country to come out and play'. He further said that the traditional sports increase overall personality development and interpersonal skills. These games are proving to be handy in overall development.

Prime Minister Modi further said that on June 5, India will officially host the World Environment Day Celebrations. "This time the theme is 'Beat Plastic Pollution'. I appeal to all of you, that while trying to understand the importance of this theme, we should all ensure that we do not use low grade polythene and low grade plastics and try to curb the negative impact of plastic pollution on our environment, on our wild life and our health," he said. He requested the people to visit the World Environment Day website 'wed-india 2018' and try to imbibe and inculcate the many interesting suggestions given there into our everyday life.

The Prime Minister talked about climate change at length. He said whenever we face a torrid summer, or floods, incessant rains or unbearable cold, everybody becomes an expert, analyzing global warming and climate change. "But does empty talk bring about any solutions? Being sensitive towards nature, protecting nature, should come naturally to us; these virtues should be embedded in our sanskar," PM Modi said.

He further said that in the past few weeks, we all witnessed that there were dust storms in the different regions of the country, along with heavy winds and unseasonal heavy rains. "There was also loss of life and property. These calamities are basically the result of the change in weather patterns. Our culture, our traditions have never taught us to be at loggerheads with nature," he added.

"We have to live in harmony and in synchronicity with nature, we have to stay in touch with nature. Mahatma Gandhi had advocated this wisdom at every step of his life. Today when India speaks of climate justice or plays a major role in the Cop21 and Paris agreements or when we unite the whole world through the medium of International Solar Alliance, they all are rooted in fulfilling that very dream of Mahatma Gandhi," the Prime Minister said.

India was at the forefront of forming an International Solar Alliance. The idea was to bring all solar resource-rich countries together to identify and address the gaps in their energy requirements through a common approach.

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