Supreme Court rejects plea to relax cracker ban, says primary concern is health of citizens

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: October 13, 2017  | 16:20 IST
Supreme Court rejects plea to relax cracker ban, says primary concern is health of citizens

The Supreme Court passed an order on October 9 banning all sales of firecrackers in the Delhi-NCR region up till November 1. The decision was passed when a petitioner petitioned the court to reinstate the ban on firecrackers it had relaxed a month ago on September 12. As the Supreme Court passed the ban on crackers once again, fraction of the society voiced their displeasure at the decision.
A group of traders moved the court and sought modification of the cracker sales ban order. The traders mentioned that their licences were revived because of the September 12 judgment that relaxed the ban and they would incur great losses if this ban is implemented.
The court rejected the plea and refused to modify the ban. The Supreme Court said that it will ascertain after Diwali if the pollution levels have been affected by it.
The Supreme Court also added that it had banned the sale of firecrackers and not bursting of crackers. The court added that it is aware that it will not entirely be cracker-free and the ban will not be entirely implementable. It also mentioned that it is well aware that crackers are still being sold, as shown in media.
Advocate Prashant Bhushan who appeared for one of the parties brought up statements that were made by politicians. Answering that, the court said, "We are pained to hear that some people are trying to give a communal colour to our order. It is sad," mentioned a report in India Today.
The Supreme Court also mentioned that its primary concern was the health of the citizens.
The bench also mentioned that people are free to burst the crackers they bought before October 9. Justice Sikri even remarked that the existing stock of crackers is enough. The court further added that Diwali can be celebrated with equal fervour even without bursting crackers.
While passing the decision on October 9 the Supreme Court said that we must at least try and see the impact of a cracker-free Diwali at least once.
In 2016, the pollution levels of Delhi were 14-16 times beyond the safe limits during the Diwali night. Environmentalists called it an emergency and the government received a lot of flak for the city's condition.


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