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Tomato prices shoot upto Rs 80 in Delhi, Rs 100 in Aizawl

Even at the mandis, tomatoes are being sold at a steeper price.

BT Online | November 24, 2017 | Updated 16:20 IST
Tomato prices shoot upto Rs 80 in Delhi, Rs 100 in Aizawl

If you have been struggling to buy tomatoes at a reasonable rate, that is because prices have indeed shot up. In fact, in Delhi, tomato prices have reached upto Rs 80 per kg depending on the quality and locatily. This is due to a slump in supplies as showed in trade data. The effect of this price hike has been felt all across the country. In Bengaluru, that is one of the major producers of tomatoes, prices have reached upto Rs 45-50 per kg.  In Aizawl, Mizoram tomatoes are being sold upto a whopping Rs 95-100 per kg!

"The availability of tomato is less at present because the crop has been hit badly due to recent rains in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh," said Ashok Kaushik, President of Tomato Merchant Association at Delhi's Azadpur mandi.

Traders have been unable to get tomatoes from Madhya Pradesh as well, as 90 per cent of the crop has been damaged there as well.  Farmers have sown again and that crop is likely to arrive in the next 15-20 days, he said.

Even at Azadpur mandi, Asia's largest wholesale market for fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 40-50 kg. It means that retailers are selling those batches at an even higher rate.

According to Kaushik, tomato supplies in the national capital are less by 25 per cent at present. Tomatoes were available at Rs 30-35 at the same time last year.

On an average, 225-250 tonnes of tomato are traded every day in six major mandis in Delhi. Now, only 170-180 tonnes are being traded. Some have been sourced from Uttarakhand, while some from Chhattisgarh to meet the needs, he said.

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