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FDI into India up from $45 billion to $61 billion in 4 years, but rate of growth is slowing down

In FY16, the FDI inflow was $55.56 billion. The next year the FDI growth slowed to 8.38 per cent, clocking in $60.22 billion. In FY18, the total FDI inflow was $60.97 billion with the growth dropping further to 1.24 per cent.

The move follows a promise made by Congress president Rahul Gandhi during the poll campaign in MP.
The food services business is expected to grow to Rs 5,52,000 crore  by 2022.
The proposal to de-link pension revision and pay revision of BSNL employees has now been forwarded to the Ministry of Finance for its approval.
Top officials and ministers of the ministries held a meeting last week to draw up a plan for the programme, which will be jointly launched in the next few weeks.
Named the Rail and Transportation Institution (NRTI), this deemed university will offer professional courses in technology and management of transportation networks.