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Infographic: What fuelled the Sensex bull run in 2019

Sensex touched its all-time high in 2019, but still fell short of matching the returns it offered in 2014 by a great margin

twitter-logo Niti Kiran        Last Updated: December 31, 2019  | 21:40 IST
Infographic: What fuelled the Sensex bull run in 2019
Sensex gave steady returns to investors in 2019, but the rally was not broad-based

Emerging markets around the world weakened in 2019 but saw their equity indices rise. India was no different as Sensex offered steady growth to investors. The rally, however, left much to be desired as mid-cap and small-cap indices finished in red, and domestic mutual funds shied away from investing in equities.

This BusinessToday.In infographic looks at the reasons behind the rally in Sensex, and why 2019 was not a perfect run for the equity index.

(Edited by Mukesh Adhikary. Graphics by Mohsin Shaikh)

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